Sunday, December 3, 2017

Bible Belt Christians Die Sooner


Like Trump,Christian Righties are barely literate so I have to post pictures for them. 

As you can see,Christian Righties die sooner than normal people.
OH HAPPY DAY! :clap: Trumproids die sooner than normal people! OH HAPPY DAY! :clap: This is probably do in a large part to their stupidity. They also burn a lot of coal in the filthy red state and they smoke. What bunch of MORONS! :rofl: Their states are badly polluted so they breathe in toxins and drink it in when they drink their polluted water. 

When they aren't poisoning themselves or digging early graves with their mouths they are killing each other. OH HAPPY DAY! :clap:EAT EAT EAT YOU BIG FAT LOSERS! :die: 








Saturday, October 28, 2017

Trump And Wheeler's Coal Conspiracy

Dirty Trump Pushing Dirty Coal


If you thought Donald Trump's war on the climate and our environment couldn't get any worse, think again.

Trump recently nominated coal industry lobbyist Andrew Wheeler to fill the number two spot at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), doubling down on his anti-climate agenda and his dangerous campaign promise to prop up the failing dirty coal industry.

If confirmed by the Senate, Wheeler would be responsible for regulating the very industry he lobbied for. We must urge the Senate to block and resist this dangerous climate change denier’s nomination before it comes up for a vote in the next few weeks.

Sign and send the petition and tell the Senate: No coal lobbyists at the EPA.


For nearly a decade, Wheeler lobbied for the coal industry and other polluters, and since 2009, he has been a registered lobbyist for Murray Energy, the largest coal mining conglomerate in the country. Murray Energy's CEO, Robert Murray, who famously tried to sue HBO's John Oliver over an accurate exposé about the coal industry, is an outspoken climate change denier who regularly peddles in blatant lies, believes the Earth is cooling, and recently falsely claimed 4,000 scientists told him that "mankind is not affecting climate change.”1

During the time Murray Energy was Wheeler's client, the coal giant regularly sued the EPA to prevent stricter regulations on ozone and carbon emissions and other pollutants, including leading a lawsuit with a number of Republican-led states against the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan, of which Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt recently moved to reverse.2

Wheeler, who believes the Earth may be going through a "cooling phase," also previously served as a close adviser to notorious anti-science climate change denier Sen. James Inhofe, who once brought a snowball to the Senate floor in a pathetic attempt to disprove climate change.3

Time and time again, Trump is attempting to put the fox in charge of watching the hen house and packing the EPA with anti-climate zealots to line the pockets of his friends in the fossil fuel industry. The Senate will be holding a confirmation hearing for Wheeler's nomination soon, so we must act now to demand they stop this climate-denying coal lobbyist from ever setting foot inside the EPA.

Add your name to tell the Senate: No coal lobbyists at the EPA.


Thanks for all you do.

Josh Nelson, Deputy Political Director

  1. Marianne Lavelle, “Coal Boss Takes Climate Change Denial to the Extreme,” InsideClimate News, Oct. 11, 2017.
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Andrew R. Wheeler
Lawyer, Grifter, Traitor, Nazi, Likely Pedophile, t-Rumproid, and Scumbag
Andrew R. Wheeler is a lawyer and lobbyist specializing in energy and environmental policy. He is co-leader of the Washington, D.C.-based law firm Faegre Baker Daniels' energy and natural resources practice.Wikipedia
SucceedingMike Flynn (Acting)

Contact Information 1050 K Street NW, Suite 400 Washington, DC 20001 F: +1 202 312 7461

Wheeler needs to be force fed water from a coal ash pond,

Friday, September 22, 2017

Open Letter to Sleazy Bastard Dr Oz

Fraudsters! - Demotivational Poster

Fat Bastardo of Bigger Fatter Politics contacted me and asked me to put the boots to that sleazy bastard Dr Memet Oz. Memet Oz is a giant turd in a cesspool of corruption like the world has never seen.

A little background: Oprah Winfrey's flunky Memet Oz MD got called in front of congress for lying and lying and lying and lying and lying about phony weight loss products. This created something called the Oz effect. When Memet Oz lied and said green coffee been extract was a miracle weight loss product, the sales of that snake oil went through the roof over night.  Oz has done this with other scam products.

Lies, fraud, conflicts of interest, and bogus science: The real Dr. Oz effect

Fat Bastardo  sent the Dr Oz show the following message.


I have a blog called bigger fatter politics and I posted a story about Memet Oz's weight loss scamming.

As of today, this article has been read 1,172,954 and I am not even promoting it. It has been quoted by many other news outlets. 

As we all know, the biggest thieves, killers and fraudsters are members of the American medical industry. Oz's industry, the medical industry kills more American in one year than were killed in all the combat deaths, in all of our combat deaths in all of our wars combined.

American health care costs 3 times the world average yet the US is ranked 37th for quality. 

I would be willing to remove my article exposing Memet Oz's criminal activity if he does a 1/2 hour segment on every episode exposing the criminality that is the American medical industry while providing me funding for me to continue my crusade.

Memet Oz will push my proposal for health care reform which includes single payer, free medical school, extra long prison terms for corporate medical fraudsters.

If my terms are not met, the article will stay up and it will get re-posted on every manner of social media there is. Do the right thing Memet and honor your oath. 

Contact Dr Oz Show By Clicking HERE

Fat Bastardo needs our help in exposing the criminality that is the American Medical Industrial Complex and charlatans like Memet Oz. Same as other doctors, Memet Oz is a greedy and dangerous QUACK!

Half of Dr. Oz's medical advice is baseless or wrong, study says - The ...

Thursday, September 14, 2017

US Sick Care Vs Canadian Health Care

Canadian doctor shows off health card at Sanders' Medicare for All bid

 Saif Alnuweiri,Yahoo Canada News 1 hour 12 minutes ago