Sunday, July 1, 2018

Would You Support a Military Coup To Rid The US of Sleazy Bastards?

Sergeant Alvin York
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John Paul Jones
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Thomas Paine
General Washington
Father of our country.

General Tecumseh Sherman
Killed traitors and tyrants.

General Chesty Puller USMC
Most decorated Marine EVER!!

Carlos Hathcock USMC
Killed fools of Mao
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John F Kennedy
Commanded PT- 109

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Navy Pilot John McCain
One of our greatest heroes.

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Maximilien Robespierre
Terrorized tyrants.

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Claus von Stauffenberg
Tried to kill Hitler

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Robert Mueller - Tough as Nails US Marine Corps Officer - Platoon Leader - War Hero - Bronze Star and Purple Heart Recipient - Former Director of the FBI- Special Prosecutor - Conservative Republican - (Yes there are still a few Republicans with honor left)  

OP ED: Regarding America's Sleazy Bastards, Tyrants Punks, Weasels and Thugs

The military in the US has sworn and oath to the constitution and the members of the army, navy, marines, USAF and coast guard, army reserve, and national guard have all sworn an oath to the constitution of the United States. On the other hand, our shady government, the corporations and the oligarchs are not loyal to the constitution or the people it was written to protect.
People is the military are help to high standards of conduct with a goal of protecting the constitution and the people of the United States from enemies foreign and domestic. Currently, the US is under attack by Russia and the Trump regime along with Trump supporters that Putin refers to as useful idiots. Putin's useful idiots - The Washington Post
While I am not a fan boy of the military, I recognize that the people who run the military have much more honor than the criminals who run the major corporations.
The military answers to civilian authorities and the congress whereas the congress answers to it’s corporate masters.
The military answers to civilian authorities and the congress whereas the congress answers to it’s corporate masters.
The military answers to civilian authorities and the congress, whereas the congress answers to it’s corporate masters.
Military brass is generally not getting rich from kickbacks and bribes from corporations and other filthy rich political donors. At this point 60% of congressmen and senators are millionaires and most of them were not millionaires before they entered congress. They got rich on bribes. They leave office filthy rich.
A military court could create a law that would call for the arrest, trials, and execution of bribe takers who work for the US government.
Anyone who is disloyal to the constitution and it bill of rights is an enemy of the United States. This would include corrupt judges, prosecutors, police, politicians and even some members of the SCOTUS along with corporate thugs who bribe politicians and heads of government agencies.
I would submit that the least honorably officer in the US military still has more honor than lying trash like Ted Cruz, Paul "Lyin" Ryan, Mitch the Bitch McConnell, Crooked Donald Trump, paid liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kellyanne (alternative facts) Conway, Jerk off Jeff Sessions, weasel Trey Gowdy, nut Job Louie Gomhert, and the gangsters who run the medical industrial complex. In my considered opinion all of these people through their dishonesty, lust for power, greed and disloyalty to basic principles of honor and ethics put America, her people, her security, her democracy and her rule of law at grave risk. Who would you have running thing, the current anti-American law breaking weasels and traitors or people whose mission it is to defend democracy and the Constitution of the United States? Who do you want making decisions for you life, real people who live like you and defend you and your rights or the millionaire class? 
I would much prefer a government run by honorable men and women who have a deep and abiding love for America and everything we say we stand for. I would rather see people like Generals Stormin Norman Schwartzkoff, Wesley Clarke, Black Jack Pershing, Hugh Shelton, Admiral Hyman Rickover and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in charge than the trash that is currently running things under the guise of border security. Hell, I’d even settle for Beetle Bailey over the orange menace. 
With few exceptions, the people in government with the most honor have been former military. This would include John Glenn, JFK, Bob Dole, John Kerry, and John McCain and not traitor like chicken hawk Trump. BTW Trump and his people are already pissing on Senator McCain’s grave before he is even in it. What sort of scum would dishonor a dying man who is an American hero? The answer is simple TRASH!
Currently, the strongest democracies in Europe are Germany and France and I believe this is so because of the purge of Nazis in Germany by the allies during the occupation and the purge if tyrants in France during the French Revolution and Robespierre Reign of Terror against the criminal elite.

If the people do it, it could become a blood bath and the tryants in power would turn corrupt corporate controlled civilian law enforcement on the people like they did during Occupy Wall Street. It was a military man, Sergeant Shamar Thomas who stood up and shamed the Constitution trampling NYPD for their Gestapo tactics used on peaceful protesters.

Watch these three videos of honorable military men confronting the corporate sponsored police state terror of Americans as the witness corporate sponsored destruction of freedom, liberty and the American way. Maybe then you will change your mind and welcome a restoration of American values and equal protection and equal justice under the law. If you think tyrants and their Nazi bots and paid Russian trolls can be made moral and honorable by singing We Shall Overcome or shaming them, you need to think again and read a history book.

Again, I am not some flag waving false patriot who thinks the US military can do no wrong. I'm a realist who is beginning to believe that the US military is our last and best hope for restoring democracy and ridding America of enemies of democracy here and abroad. 

Leave a comment explaining to me why you think I am thinking wrong in the comment section.

Sleazy Bastard Richard Burr

Where's Donald? - Demotivational Poster

Sleazy Bastard US Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina is sending out propaganda emails to the dimwits in NC touting the Trump economy. Below is a open letter to the Sleazy Bastard. 

Hey Asshole, 

Stop with the bullshit. The debt is growing faster than anytime in history and the market is about to crash worse than when Bush Medicare part D giveaway to the crooks at big pharma and his giveaway to the rich that crashed the economy. One hero in the whole thing was McCain who wants to reinstate Glass Steagal but the orange menace and his traitors don't think that America's greatest war hero who has more valor in one skin cell than Trump and all of his traitors have in their whole bodies. 

The same trash on Wall Street who wrecked the economy in 2008 with their vile greed are with ones getting rich. The American people are getting fucked by Trumponomimics. You know what I'm talking about... the millionaire class of which you are a part. 

The economy did ok under Bush as he did the Republican two step of borrow and spend and the other one called distract and steal and then the it crashed and a lot of good people got hurt and the bad people did not go to jail.  

Here is what is going to happen and you know it fuck wad errand boy. Bush was handed a strong economy and a balanced budget and he fucked it up and Trump has been handed an economy repaired by Obama which he will fuck up far worse than Bush and you know it but why should you care? You are a millionaire. You DC errand boys do well in tips. 

You can stop lying Burr, you got very rich being a US senator. Throw some crumbs to the peasants and stand up for John McCain who is a dying man. Your butt buddy, the orange menace is already pissing on he grave and he's not even dead yet. 

Image result for Trump I just made you all very rich
Including his bitch boy Richard Burr

Stop lying you filthy prick licking rubber stamp. The only people in NC who will benefit are the rich criminal elite. Since you probably have a chauffeur and haven't pumped gas or paid for it, so you probably have not seen that gas prices are raising. I recall that you Republicans once blamed gas prices on Obama and you used fake data to do it.  

Inline image

Inflation is skyrocketing.  Prices are 5% higher now than in 2016 but wages have not kept up. So stop lying you SLEAZY BASTARD!

Fuck you very much.

The Angry Peasants.
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Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Sleazy Bastards At Boston Scientific And Their Vaginal Mesh Scandal

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Briefly what these criminals did was bribe sleazy surgeons into using this vaginal mesh knowing that it was toxic and would cause major health problems. It was so bad that Chevron Corporation stopped selling it to Boston Scientific when they found out how deadly it was. Boston Scientific being the worst of the worst looked other vendors but no companies in the US would sell it to them. They turned to gangsters in China to get a similar but even more toxic material and they are now selling even more deadly mesh implants for sleazy surgeons to implant into unsuspecting women.

If this were still America and I were calling the shots, I would have FBI agents show up at Boston Scientific corporate office and arrest everyone from middle management on up. I would detain them indefinitely and interrogate them they way we interrogated terrorists at Gitmo. I would give enemy combatants the protection of the Geneva Convention. The Boston Scientific terrorists would be treated much differently. I would keep those fucker detained and torture them daily for as long as they survived.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE 60 Minutes Expose

Here is what really will happen.  There may be some fines but the corporate gangsters who run Boston Scientific will get away with this without even a slap on the wrist. That's always how it goes. If you break the law on behalf of a corporation you won't be punished.

Leadership - Boston Scientific

Click the above link to see the names and faces of the corporate trash at Boston Scientific who have no problem with selling products that maim and kill women.