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Corporate Gangsters and GE Washing Machines

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We have to replace our GE Washer. It's a fairly new model but after maybe 300 loads the tub bearing seized. My wife called Sears and they sent out a crooked repairman who quoted us $525+ to fix the piece of shit. Turns out that he also listed 6 other parts he said were bad. He lied and my karma is now giving him cancer. I have yet to decide as to whether I will attempt to fix this piece of shit GE washer. Since checking out reviews I have found that most washers sold today are junk that are designed to fail within 5 years. There was a time when you could easily get 20 years out of a washer but today the corporate gangs have conspired to make disposable junk. The only reliable washers you can buy today are made by Speed Queen. They are what are used in laundromats because they are bullet proof.

Speed Queen washers built to last 25 years - Consumer Reports

There is an expression sleazy salesmen use. Sell the sizzle not the steak. All a clothes washer has to do is agitate the clothes and spin them dry enough to go into a the dryer. Anything else is bullshit. 

GE Washers burst into flames as do Samsung washers.

Sold at: Department and various retail stores nationwide from December 2006 through May 2010 for about $700.
Manufactured in: China
Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled washers, unplug it from the electrical outlet and contact GE for a free repair. Consumers should not operate the washer until it has been repaired.
Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact GE toll-free at (888) 345-4124 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit the firm's website at

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Front loading washers are deadly in other ways.  The criminals who make them knew from the beginning that there would be a deadly mold problem. If you have a front loading washer contact a products liability lawyer.

Mold Illness Diagnosis & What Happens in the Body | Surviving Mold


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Friday, December 23, 2016

Republicans and Health Care

Statistics don’t lie. Republicans do.

Figures from the World Health Organization clearly show that The United States lags behind 36 other countries in overall health system performance ranging from infant mortality, to adult mortality, to life expectancy.
20 countries in Europe and four countries in Asia have a better life expectancy than the U.S. If you are a male between the ages of 15 and 59, your chances of dying are higher in the U.S. (140 per thousand) than in Canada, 95, Costa Rica 127, Chile 134, and Cuba, 138.
The U.S. Health system looks especially dysfunctional when you consider how much money we spend per capita on healthcare — $9,000 plus per year, twice as much as any other country — and how little we get for it.
Canada spends $2,163 and boasts a life expectancy of 79.8 years, two and a half years longer than the US. Their infant mortality rate per thousand is also better than ours, as is their adult mortality rate.
Switzerland spends about 11% of its Gross Domestic Product on universal health care for all its citizens, while the U.S. (with 50 million uninsured this year) spends 15% of GDP with embarrassing results.
One grand irony, Cuba whose economy has been bankrupt for the last decade — food shortages, drug shortages, chronic unemployment, etc. — and which annually spends a miserly $185 per person on health care, has better infant and adult mortality rates than the US, and has a life expectancy nearly equal to ours.
Why has our vaunted free enterprise system — which has produced such great benefits in delivery of most goods and services — failed so completely with regard to this most fundamental need?

Simple, buyers don’t shop for health care. Sick people don’t negotiate with doctors or hospitals or drug companies. They don’t care what it costs; insurance or the government will pay. This vulnerability has been exploited and hijacked by greedy doctors, drug companies, insurers, personal injury lawyers, HMOs, and hospitals. About 50% of health care funds never even get to doctors or hospitals — which themselves run bloated operations.
Maybe we have finally reached the “Tipping Point”. Not because people are needlessly dying, but because big business is being crippled by astronomical health costs.
US companies — with employer funded health plans — are having a hard time competing in world markets. General Motors spends more on worker health care ($1,400 per vehicle) than they spend on steel for each car they produce. “The three big auto makers are “HMOs on wheels” says Goldman Sachs analyst Gary Lapidus.
Employer funded health insurance is a relic of the past according to the growing clamor by big business. We don’t want to pay for it any more and the added costs make our products uncompetitive in world markets.
The Massachusetts law mandating health insurance — just as the state requires auto insurance — is a bold leap into an uncertain future, but it is an ad hoc band-aid which hopefully will lead to something more.
The long-term answer is obvious. Adopt a single-payer system like Canada’s. Not socialized medicine. Doctors would remain private. By cutting out the bureaucracy, needless lawsuits, and curbing greed, the US could save 50% of the monies now being squandered, more than enough to cover the 50 million uninsured, according to a General Accounting Office and Congressional Budget Office report.
Ironically, we already have a successful single-payer healthcare program. Medicare, which covers people over 65, has an administrative and overhead cost of just 2%. Compare this low figure with the $399 billion spent on administrative middleman services in the free-market sector of health care last year. The simple step of data sharing of medical records could save $140 billion per year according too a recent Federal study.
Whored up with the medical industry lying Republicans charge that a single-payer system would lead to a rationing of medicine and long waits. But we already ration medicine, not by need, or efficacy of the treatment, but by how much money you have. If you are rich, you can have all you want. If you are poor, unemployed, self-employed, sorry. 18,000 Americans die each year for lack of care according to the Institute of Medicine.
The treaonous liars on the right say that single-payer systems have not been adequately tested. But this is an obvious pretext by for-profit interest groups. Single-payer systems have been worked for many decades in 20 countries around the world and the filthy lying Republicans know this.
The facts are clear: single-payer systems work and they save money. The Germans, French, Australians, Swiss, and Canadians all benefit from universal healthcare at less than half the cost that Americans pay for an incomplete system. Our for-profit health care system is a gambling scheme with the explicit goal of excluding the sick.

Someday, inevitably, America will join the civilized world and provide universal care. It should be sooner rather than later but don't hold your breath. Republicans exist only because of their cruelty and greed. That is their purpose for living. End evil!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rex Tillerson and Vladimir Putin

It's bad enough that Trump's Secretary of State has financial dealings with the leader of another country. It gets worse when that country is an enemy of the United States but when that leader is a modern day Adolph Hitler.

Oil is becoming obsolete and Russia has a huge oil reserve. A filthy rich scumbag piece of shit like Tillerson knows that oil is on its way out and he also knows that the US is nearly energy independent. Tillerson doesn't like that. Tillerson is more likely than not owned by Putin. A lot of pedophiles are members of the 1%.

Putin has a lot of dirt on a lot of people and chances are he has a lot of dirt on Tillerson including the possibility that Tillerson former head of the Boy Scouts is a closet gay pedophile. Tillerson pushed and got gay boys into the Boy Scouts. The left may think this is a good thing but the motivation for oligarchs like Tillerson is to get to do what they like best and that is molesting kids.

Over the year the Boy Scouts of America have rocked by sex scandals and allowing gay boys into the Boy Scouts makes it much easier for scout masters to molest boys and as we all know, boys are a favorite target of pedophiles must of whom are Republicans. Like many Republicans, there is a good chance that Tillerson is a closet gay and we all know that Putin is gay.

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Afterglow - Demotivational Poster

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Why Trump Lied So Much

Trump ran as a Republican so he had to lie to the depraved Republican electorate. Let's hope he punishes those fuckers!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Faithless Electors Could Keep Trump Out of the Whitehouse

In United States presidential elections, a faithless elector is a member of the United States Electoral College who does not vote for the presidential or vice-presidential candidate for whom they had pledged to vote. That is, they actually vote for another candidate, or fail to vote, or choose not to vote. A pledged elector can become a faithless elector only by breaking their pledge; unpledged electors have no pledge to break.

Electors are typically chosen and nominated by a political party or the party's presidential nominee: they are usually party members with a reputation for high loyalty to the party and its chosen candidate. Thus, a faithless elector runs the risk of party censure and political retaliation from their party, as well as potential criminal penalties in some states. Candidates for elector are nominated by state political parties in the months prior to Election Day. In some states, the electors are nominated in primaries, the same way other candidates are nominated. In some states, such as OklahomaVirginia, and North Carolina, electors are nominated in party conventions. In Pennsylvania, the campaign committee of each candidate names their candidates for elector (an attempt to discourage faithless electors). The parties have generally been successful in keeping their electors faithful, leaving out the cases in which a candidate died before the elector was able to cast a vote.

During the 1836 election, Virginia's entire 23-man electoral delegation faithlessly voted against victorious Democratic Party Vice Presidential Candidate Richard Mentor Johnson due to Johnson's openly admitted, publicized, long-term interracial relationship with his slaveJulia Chinn. The loss of Virginia's support caused Johnson to fall one electoral vote short of a majority, causing the Vice Presidential election to be thrown into the U.S. Senate for the only time in American history. However, Virginia's electors voted for Martin Van Buren as pledged, meaning the presidential election itself was not in dispute. The U.S. Senate ultimately elected Johnson anyway after a party-line vote. Despite 157 instances of faithlessness as of 2015, faithless electors have not yet affected the results or ultimate outcome of any other presidential election.

Trump is a pedophile and a known felon. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Parkridge Health Crimes

Medical Crime At Its Finest - Demotivational Poster
Crime and US healthcare go together like underage children and Republican pedophiles. Both are inseparable and depraved. Park Ridge Health the "child" company of the massively corrupt parent company Adventist Health. Like father son Park Ridge Health of Hendersonville North Carolina is great big giant crook and like it's big evil daddy Park Ridge Health is above the law.
Adventist Health System, the parent company of Park Ridge Health in Hendersonville, is the most recent health care provider to get “a slap on the wrist,” in this case with a historic $115 million settlement deal payoffbetween Adventist and the U.S. Department of Justice.
The case stems from a lawsuit filed by three Park Ridge whistleblowers and revolves around allegations which proved to be true of exorbitant pay and bonuses for hospital-based physicians in return for referrals to Adventist hospitals, as well as improper coding of Medicare billing that resulted in millions of dollars in revenue for the system.
In an unsealed federal lawsuit that led to the settlement agreement provided a window into the hospital’s inner workings and unethical and compensation practices.
The lawsuit proved:
• Dr. Jay Levy, a greedy lowlife pediatric urologist and surgeon based in Charlotte, was making $300,000 a year for working three days a month at Park Ridge. Last time I checked the crooked North Carolina medical board took no disciplinary action against this criminal scumbag's medical misconduct. Law enforcement turned a blind eye to Jay Levy's criminal wrong doing. When you are rich you can buy the justice. If you would like to give this depraved asshole a piece of your mind contact him here. Pediatric Urology Associates PA 3135 Springbank Ln Ste 200Charlotte, NC 28226
• Dr. Timothy Highley, a Park Ridge dermatologist, pulled in a one-year bonus of $368,000 and a total annual salary of $710,000, while working three days a week. This criminal raked in $1,078,000. This isn't counting the customary kickbacks and bribes many doctors receive from the medical industry. American doctors routinely receive all sorts of questionable perks from various sources many of whom are less than scrupulous.  
Just for showing up this jerk-off was raking in nearly $8000 a day and again this was just his phony baloney salary and a bogus bonus.

• Dr. Thomas Lugus, a family practice doctor in salary alone, made $366,000 a year, more than twice the average for a family practice doctor in the mountains. And the the case of Lugus chances are he was scamming in other ways after all he is an American medical doctor. 
If you would like to give Lugus a piece of your mind give him a call or pay him a visit at. Address: 207 Linda Vista Dr, Hendersonville, NC 28792 Phone:(828) 693-9632 Lugus is a typical greedy American MD. 

• Park Ridge paid the lease payments for a BMW and Ford Mustang for Dr. R. Christian Estes, an orthopedic surgeon, although his contract did not call for that. 
This is not surprising. Even though BMWs are shitty cars now American doctors still love them. American MDs are not too bright and their egos are enormous and insatiable and in their pathetic minds. To an American MD a BMW says to the world, "Hooray for me and fuck you, you peasant." I suppose his Mustang is for picking up low rent whores. God knows that an ugly looking chubby fucker like Estes needs Viagara and all the help he can get. You should have taken the money you bitch.
Everybody Knew And No Arrests
• Hospital executives knew about serious billing and miscoding problems on Medicare and Medicaid cases, as well as overcompensation of doctors, and one executive even expressed concerns about possible jail time, terming as “insane” the amount of money Park Ridge would owe the federal government if overbilling came to light.
Park Ridge officials and all but one of the 20-plus local doctors cited in the lawsuit and settlement declined to comment for this story, referring questions to the Adventist Health System corporate office in Florida.
However, Levy, the pediatric urologist based in Charlotte, said allegations he was overcompensated in return for referrals were off the mark.
He was paid according to industry standards, Levy said, and made referrals to Park Ridge because that was the only local hospital where he had privileges.
“I actually ended up being cheap,” Levy said, noting he would perform 10-15 surgeries on a Friday when at the Hendersonville clinic and would see as many 150 patients over three days. “It’s just that I did an incredible volume of work.” What a lying greedy and dangerous son of bitch! 15 surgeries in one day? This fucker still has a medical licence!
Adventist spokeswoman spokeswhore Christine Stewart in a statement said the system voluntarily disclosed to the government “alleged and unintentional violations of the complex federal Stark Law and certain other issues.”
Patient care was not affected, she said. Whore needs to get terminal cancer!
In agreeing to pay the fine, the Adventist system accepted responsibility for what it termed “oversights,” but it did not admit guilt or wrongdoing. 
The Justice Department, however, questioned whether patient care might have been affected.
“Adventist-owned hospitals, such as Park Ridge, allegedly paid doctors’ bonuses based on the number of test(s) and procedures they ordered,” Jill Westmoreland Rose, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina, said in a statement. “This type of financial incentive is not only prohibited by law, but can undermine patients’ medical care.”
OK Jill, why didn't you arrest any of them?!
False claims for federal reimbursements eventually cost taxpayers, Rose said. But the federal government does not expect criminal charges will come from the allegations, she said. And this just goes to show you; when you are a rich corporate criminal in America you can break the law with no fear of even being arrested. So then Jill, explain why there were no arrests when the amount of crimes and criminals would add up to 100's of years in prison if they were one of the peasants. How do you sleep at night Jill? On expensive sheets?

Read the YELP REVIEWS about Parkridge Health

An Asshole Surrounded by Fat Turds

The king of the turds at Park Ridge is a turd that dropped out of a tall cow's ass. His name is Jimm with two M's Bunch. This criminal cocksucker is the CEO. Jimm Bunch surrounds himself with fat stupid sickly people. Like everyone else at Park Ridge who is in a position of power Jimm Bunch should be in prison but in America, people who commit crimes on behalf of corporations are above the law. That's how it works in a fascist plutocracy. If this were China, you can bet that Jimm Bunch and his corporate gangsters would be in prison where they belong but in America, plutocratic hell hole that it is slime like Jimm Bunch is rewarded and admired.

Park Ridge is being disingenuous in presenting itself as a hapless victim of byzantine federal regulations, said Peter Chatfield, one of the attorneys for the whistleblowers, three of whom were Park Ridge employees.

The hospital self-reported wrongdoing only after the lawsuit was filed, Chatfield said.
The $115 million settlement — the highest in a medical whistleblower case — speaks volumes about not only Park Ridge and Adventist, but the health care industry in general, said Chatfield, whose Washington, D.C. firm specializes in whistleblower cases.
“To me, it seems there’s a sick industry here,” he said. “It’s like speeding — if there’s more and more speeding going on, you’re going to speed more if no one is being held to account for speeding.
“People trying to go by the rules end up getting run over. Stark is the speed trap, the thing that stops them from going nuts.”
The Stark Law, named after California Congressman Pete Stark, addresses “self-referrals,” prohibiting physicians from being directly compensated for ordering services such as lab tests or scans to be done at a hospital or other business from which they directly benefit financially.

How it came to light: Lawsuit details big pay and big bonuses at Park Ridge

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Doctors are Sleazy Bastards Most People Agree

Doctors Are

When you Google or Bing the words "doctors are" the search engines offer suggestion based upon what other searched. When you type in "doctors are" and add a letter you get even more suggestions.

"Doctors are" renders the following suggestions: Arrogant, Useless, Overpaid, and Dangerous. When you type in Doctors are followed by the letter A Google comes back with: Arrogant, Always Late and A waste of time

People don't have much good to say about Americas MDs and for good reason.`American doctors are members of an industry that is by far and away the biggest killer and the biggest thief the world has ever known.

Adding the letter B gives you: Bad, Broke, Brainwashed, boring.

Adding C gives you. Crooks, Criminals, Corrupt, Cheaters

Adding D gives you. Dangerous, Dumb, Drug Dealers, Douche Bags

Adding E gives you, EVIL.

Adding F gives you, Full of crap, Frauds, Furious, Fat

Adding G gives you  Greedy, Greedy Bastards, Glorified Drug Dealers

Adding H gives you Human, Heroes and Horrible

Adding I gives you, Idiots

Adding J gives you.________

Adding K gives you, Killing us.

Adding L gives you Liars, Lazy, Like gods and Leading Cause of Death

Adding M gives you More Harmful than Germs, Mean, Miserable Murderers

Adding N gives you, Not smart, Not happy Not scientists.

Adding O gives you, Overpaid, Only in it for the Money, Overrated

Adding P gives you, Paid to much, Pill Pushers, Psychopaths

Adding Q gives you, Quacks

Adding R gives you, Rich, Rude, Rude to Nurses, Ripoffs

Adding S gives you, stupid, selfish, scary, scum

Adding T gives you, The Third Leading Cause of Death

Adding U gives you, Useless, Unhealthy, Unhappy

Adding W gives you, Worthless, Weird, Wrong

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UPDATE! Here is what comes up when you type "Doctors are" into Bing.

  • doctors are miserable
  • doctors are stupid
  • doctors are killing us
  • doctors are greedy
  • doctors are not god quotes
  • doctors are dangerous
  • doctors are the worst patients
  • doctors are heroes

Add A and you get:

  • doctors are arrogant
  • doctors are awful
  • doctors are attracted to me
  • doctors are angry
  • doctors are always to busy
  • doctors are arrogant
  • doctors are against nurse practitioner
Add B and you will get:

  • doctors are bullies
  • doctors are bad husbands
  • doctors are bullies
  • doctors are bastards
Add C and you get:
  • doctors are crooks
  • doctors are corrupt 
  • doctors are contractor and income
  • doctors are cheaters
  • doctors are creepy
  • doctors are central to your life
  • doctors are cold
  • doctors are culpable in mesh lawsuits

Add D and you get:

  • doctors are dangerous
  • doctors are dumb
  • doctors are drug dealers
  • doctors are depressed
  • doctors are drug dealers in florida
  • doctors are dropping medicare patients
  • doctors are dumb on purpose.

Add E and you get:

  • doctors are evil
  • doctors are engineers
  • doctors are examining genitals for no reason

Add G and you get:

  • doctors are greedy
  • doctors are giving out to many prescriptions
  • doctors are getting worse
Add H and you get:

  • doctors are hacks
  • doctors are hypocrites
  • doctors are horrible
Add I and you get:
  • doctors are idiots
  • doctors are in
  • doctors are important
  • doctors are in it for the money
  • doctors are irresponsible with antibiotics
Add J and you get:
  • doctors are jerks
  • doctors are just rude
Add K and you get:
  • doctors are killing us
  • doctors are killing people
  • doctors are killers
Add L and you get:
  • doctors are liars
  • doctors are labor induction happy
  • doctors are legal drug dealers las vegas
  • doctors are losing money
  • doctors are lying to you about vaccines
Add M and you get:
  • doctors are miserable
  • doctors are more harmful than germs
  • doctors are men who prescribe medicines
  • doctors are money hungry
  • doctors are mandated reporters
  • doctors are mean to nurses
  • doctors are more dangerous than guns
Add N and you get:
  • doctors are not god quotes
  • doctors are not accepting medicare
  • doctors are nerds
  • doctors are not trained in nutrition
  • doctors are not god
  • doctors are not smart
  • doctors are not scientists
  • doctors are narcissists
Add O and you get:
  • doctors are opting out of medicare
  • doctors are overpaid
  • doctors are opting out of obamacare
Add P and you get:
  • doctors are pricks
  • doctors are poor
  • doctors are paid too much
  • doctors are pill pushers
  • doctors are programmed to kill us
  • doctors are pushers