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Parkridge Health Crimes

Medical Crime At Its Finest - Demotivational Poster
Crime and US healthcare go together like underage children and Republican pedophiles. Both are inseparable and depraved. Park Ridge Health the "child" company of the massively corrupt parent company Adventist Health. Like father son Park Ridge Health of Hendersonville North Carolina is great big giant crook and like it's big evil daddy Park Ridge Health is above the law.
Adventist Health System, the parent company of Park Ridge Health in Hendersonville, is the most recent health care provider to get “a slap on the wrist,” in this case with a historic $115 million settlement deal payoffbetween Adventist and the U.S. Department of Justice.
The case stems from a lawsuit filed by three Park Ridge whistleblowers and revolves around allegations which proved to be true of exorbitant pay and bonuses for hospital-based physicians in return for referrals to Adventist hospitals, as well as improper coding of Medicare billing that resulted in millions of dollars in revenue for the system.
In an unsealed federal lawsuit that led to the settlement agreement provided a window into the hospital’s inner workings and unethical and compensation practices.
The lawsuit proved:
• Dr. Jay Levy, a greedy lowlife pediatric urologist and surgeon based in Charlotte, was making $300,000 a year for working three days a month at Park Ridge. Last time I checked the crooked North Carolina medical board took no disciplinary action against this criminal scumbag's medical misconduct. Law enforcement turned a blind eye to Jay Levy's criminal wrong doing. When you are rich you can buy the justice. If you would like to give this depraved asshole a piece of your mind contact him here. Pediatric Urology Associates PA 3135 Springbank Ln Ste 200Charlotte, NC 28226
• Dr. Timothy Highley, a Park Ridge dermatologist, pulled in a one-year bonus of $368,000 and a total annual salary of $710,000, while working three days a week. This criminal raked in $1,078,000. This isn't counting the customary kickbacks and bribes many doctors receive from the medical industry. American doctors routinely receive all sorts of questionable perks from various sources many of whom are less than scrupulous.  
Just for showing up this jerk-off was raking in nearly $8000 a day and again this was just his phony baloney salary and a bogus bonus.

• Dr. Thomas Lugus, a family practice doctor in salary alone, made $366,000 a year, more than twice the average for a family practice doctor in the mountains. And the the case of Lugus chances are he was scamming in other ways after all he is an American medical doctor. 
If you would like to give Lugus a piece of your mind give him a call or pay him a visit at. Address: 207 Linda Vista Dr, Hendersonville, NC 28792 Phone:(828) 693-9632 Lugus is a typical greedy American MD. 

• Park Ridge paid the lease payments for a BMW and Ford Mustang for Dr. R. Christian Estes, an orthopedic surgeon, although his contract did not call for that. 
This is not surprising. Even though BMWs are shitty cars now American doctors still love them. American MDs are not too bright and their egos are enormous and insatiable and in their pathetic minds. To an American MD a BMW says to the world, "Hooray for me and fuck you, you peasant." I suppose his Mustang is for picking up low rent whores. God knows that an ugly looking chubby fucker like Estes needs Viagara and all the help he can get. You should have taken the money you bitch.
Everybody Knew And No Arrests
• Hospital executives knew about serious billing and miscoding problems on Medicare and Medicaid cases, as well as overcompensation of doctors, and one executive even expressed concerns about possible jail time, terming as “insane” the amount of money Park Ridge would owe the federal government if overbilling came to light.
Park Ridge officials and all but one of the 20-plus local doctors cited in the lawsuit and settlement declined to comment for this story, referring questions to the Adventist Health System corporate office in Florida.
However, Levy, the pediatric urologist based in Charlotte, said allegations he was overcompensated in return for referrals were off the mark.
He was paid according to industry standards, Levy said, and made referrals to Park Ridge because that was the only local hospital where he had privileges.
“I actually ended up being cheap,” Levy said, noting he would perform 10-15 surgeries on a Friday when at the Hendersonville clinic and would see as many 150 patients over three days. “It’s just that I did an incredible volume of work.” What a lying greedy and dangerous son of bitch! 15 surgeries in one day? This fucker still has a medical licence!
Adventist spokeswoman spokeswhore Christine Stewart in a statement said the system voluntarily disclosed to the government “alleged and unintentional violations of the complex federal Stark Law and certain other issues.”
Patient care was not affected, she said. Whore needs to get terminal cancer!
In agreeing to pay the fine, the Adventist system accepted responsibility for what it termed “oversights,” but it did not admit guilt or wrongdoing. 
The Justice Department, however, questioned whether patient care might have been affected.
“Adventist-owned hospitals, such as Park Ridge, allegedly paid doctors’ bonuses based on the number of test(s) and procedures they ordered,” Jill Westmoreland Rose, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina, said in a statement. “This type of financial incentive is not only prohibited by law, but can undermine patients’ medical care.”
OK Jill, why didn't you arrest any of them?!
False claims for federal reimbursements eventually cost taxpayers, Rose said. But the federal government does not expect criminal charges will come from the allegations, she said. And this just goes to show you; when you are a rich corporate criminal in America you can break the law with no fear of even being arrested. So then Jill, explain why there were no arrests when the amount of crimes and criminals would add up to 100's of years in prison if they were one of the peasants. How do you sleep at night Jill? On expensive sheets?

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An Asshole Surrounded by Fat Turds

The king of the turds at Park Ridge is a turd that dropped out of a tall cow's ass. His name is Jimm with two M's Bunch. This criminal cocksucker is the CEO. Jimm Bunch surrounds himself with fat stupid sickly people. Like everyone else at Park Ridge who is in a position of power Jimm Bunch should be in prison but in America, people who commit crimes on behalf of corporations are above the law. That's how it works in a fascist plutocracy. If this were China, you can bet that Jimm Bunch and his corporate gangsters would be in prison where they belong but in America, plutocratic hell hole that it is slime like Jimm Bunch is rewarded and admired.

Park Ridge is being disingenuous in presenting itself as a hapless victim of byzantine federal regulations, said Peter Chatfield, one of the attorneys for the whistleblowers, three of whom were Park Ridge employees.

The hospital self-reported wrongdoing only after the lawsuit was filed, Chatfield said.
The $115 million settlement — the highest in a medical whistleblower case — speaks volumes about not only Park Ridge and Adventist, but the health care industry in general, said Chatfield, whose Washington, D.C. firm specializes in whistleblower cases.
“To me, it seems there’s a sick industry here,” he said. “It’s like speeding — if there’s more and more speeding going on, you’re going to speed more if no one is being held to account for speeding.
“People trying to go by the rules end up getting run over. Stark is the speed trap, the thing that stops them from going nuts.”
The Stark Law, named after California Congressman Pete Stark, addresses “self-referrals,” prohibiting physicians from being directly compensated for ordering services such as lab tests or scans to be done at a hospital or other business from which they directly benefit financially.

How it came to light: Lawsuit details big pay and big bonuses at Park Ridge


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