Saturday, February 18, 2017

God, Doctors and Maurice Gibb

Doctors fucked up as usual and God gave Maurice Gibb a congenital intestinal defect.

Autopsy Shows Gibb Had Twisted Intestine | Billboard

The fuck ups at Mount Sinai hospital missed the fact that Gibb had a twisted small intestine in which 16 feet of it was necrotic causing deadly sepsis. A first-year medical student could have diagnosed the sepsis. The sepsis caused him to have a heart attack while in his hospital bed as Mount Sinai Hospital. The fuck-ups at Mount Sinai were able to restart his heart but it took them 10 minutes to find a defibrillator and shock his heart back to sinus rhythm. 

Doctors think they are God and God is an asshole and a sleazy bastard. 

Doctors missed the twisted intestine. That was a major fuck up. 

Doctors also missed the sepsis which is a simple diagnosis. Symptoms include fever, bacteria in the blood, high white blood cell count, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure, fast heart rate, and mental confusion.

Symptoms and causes - Sepsis - Mayo Clinic

There you have it folks - another case of criminal homicide by the American White Coat Mafia



  1. Thumbs up. (Except for the part about 1st year medical student [they can't find their own buttholes])


    A medical doctor that treats critical illness.