Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fat People Are Often Sleazy Bastards

1. People in weight loss support groups are not experts. In fact, most of them don't have a clue because if they did they would not be fat.

2. Sabotage: I see it all the time. Fat people like drug addicts and drunks are bad company to keep. Recovering addicts are told to lose their druggie "friends" for good reasons. They will bring you down.

If you are serious about losing weight and never being fat again, you would be wise to get rid of all the fat people you hang out with. Just like a drunk want's a drinking buddy, fat people want a pig out buddy.

3. You have what some people describe as a disorder and others call it gluttony. Regardless of the label that it applied to it no support and cheer leading is going to help you. All the atta girls in the world are not going to help you. I mean if you did something remarkable like made the honor roll or something like that you have earned some praise. Doing the right thing such as eating responsibly is not praise worthy. It is unremarkable. You are simply  not that special.

When a person loses weight they have actually done almost nothing. The merely stopped eating in an irresponsible manner. Do not praise these people and do not accept that praise. Show some humility like the fireman who runs into a burning building and save a child. He is rejects being called a hero. That's humility. You don't see too many fat firefighters but you see a lot of fat and out of shape cops who think they are something special.

4. Group Pride and Ego Centrists:

Pride is never a good thing. My spouse and I did a study and we found that fat people love the words I, me, my, and mine. In fact, we found that fat people use personal pronouns more than twice as much as normal people in normal conversation.

We also found that the people who lose weight and keep it off do it for altruistic reason such as being healthy for their kids, attractive to their spouse and for good citizenship.

You are not hurting yourself by your overeating. You are constantly salving yourself with food. You are hurting your loved ones. It would seem that your, "addiction to" or "lust for" food far exceed your regard for your role as a citizen and the people in your life.

Fat people have a very high self-image and sense of entitlement. They get this from constantly rewarding themselves with treats in the form of food. Think of it as a trainer giving a trained seal a fish. This constant reinforcement for doing something unremarkable makes them think they are better than everyone else.


A normal person would not have the temerity to waddle around in public looking so revolting and being so odorous. When it comes to the 7 deadly sins, fatlings commit them all.
  1. Greed: They have that down to a science.
  2. Gluttony: Hey, the live to eat.
  3. Sloth: Sit and eat. Sit and eat. Sit and eat.
  4. Pride: They think the are large and in charge
  5. Lust: Fat girls are very promiscuous
  6. Vanity: Fat girls call themselves BBWs which means Big Beautiful Women. Slender women who are far more attractive than fat girls don’t call themselves SBWs (Slender Beautiful Women) because they have too much humility to do so.
  7. Wrath: Fat girls HATE HATE HATE slender women and are always talking trash about them.

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