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Blythe Danner Shills For the Medical Mafia

That old washed up Hollywood whore Blythe Danner shills for Amgen the criminals who sell the ineffective and deadly drug Prolia

Prolia: Another wonder drug that wasn't | Center for Health Journalism

Like the deadly poisons Boniva, Fosamax, and Forteo, Reclast and Prolia have no therapeutic effect but have a slew of dangerous and deadly side effects including increased risk of bone fracture. Doctors for the most part, are like God; the cause suffering a reap the pay-offs for God it is his sick pleasure and for the doctors, it's the money.

Doctors know that the class of drugs called bisphosphonates which include drugs like Prolia, Fosamax, Forteo and Boniva don't work. They also know that these drugs do serious harm to their patients. 

The End Of Bisphosphonates? Bombshell Study Proves They're ...

2015 may be the Establishment’s worst year yet regarding osteoporosis. A few days ago, a meta-analysis of no fewer than 33 studies was published in the prestigious BMJ (the former British Medical Journal). This study confirms what scientists have known all along: that bisphosphonates are totally ineffective at preventing fractures.
Bisphosphonates are a class of osteoporosis drugs such as Boniva (ibandronate), Fosamax (alendronate), Actonel (risedronate) and Reclast (zoledronic acid). Their mode of action is to disrupt normal bone remodeling, which is ultimately detrimental to bone integrity and fracture resistance.

Here is what patients are saying about Prolia.

If you are concerned about the safety and efficacy of a drug a White Coat Mafia member has prescribed for you go to Ask A Patient. If you rely on what the clinical trials say you will be reading like because there are no independent agencies why test the safety and efficacy of drug. The way it works is the manufacturer of the drug hires a bunch of sleazy doctors to test the drug on their patients in what they call a clinical trial and the pay/bribe these filthy greedy bastards to like about the safety and efficacy of the drug and then they submit their dishonest results to their criminal buddies at the FDA.

Ask a patient rates drugs on a scale of 1 - 5 with 1 being horrible and 5 being great. Prolia get a 1.5 but the actual rating is lower because shill for big pharma leave false ratings.

Here are some true patient reports:

A 63 year old female reports: Only took once Dec. 2014 NEVER AGAIN, tired could sleep for 12 hours achy, ears hurt, groin ache. Have been to every MD and test known. As of Oct. 2016 legs and arms ache, heaviness, numbness have gotten so bad, I thought they were blood clots. I will never take again. Along time as passed and I still feel awful, still having tests to figure out.

A 66 year old female reportsExtreme joint pain began 2 weeks after shot.Along with complete exhaustion. Flu like symptoms. Five weeks out insomnia. Six week out upper stomach pain with nausea.Tingling in left hand. And the joint bone muscle pain kept getting worse all the time. NEed help getting up from sited position. I am not over weight and exercise 5x a week. This stuff is posion. 

A 70 year old female reports: Severe severe debilitating low back pain. Caused me to not be able to function; bed ridden. Cannot sit in chair, cannot sit up in bed, Constant debilitating pain.

Constant debilitating pain. No I cannot walk. From the knee down, my legs will not walk and I have to use a cane or a walker. I used to work out three times a week. I have strength depletion and constant weakness. I used to be a very active vital person who played with grandchildren and now I am a zombie I am unable to complete grocery shopping trips.

Another 70 year old female reports: 2 weeks after Prolia injection, started coughing and left arm hurting while driving and sleeping. Phoned regular physicians and told I had virus going around. Waited until end of December, went to urgent care and told I had bronchitis, so was given antibiotics and prednisone which cleared up in time for cataract surgeries(they went well). Soon after surgeries, I started coughing again. I still have arm problem. Now I am questioning whether I should get my 2nd dose in May.

A 64 year old female reports: Flu like symptoms and aching all over that began about 2 hours following the injection and lasted about 3 days. A few weeks later I began to experience severe fatigue. It is debilitating. I'm so tired that even getting out of bed is an effort. I hope this tiredness will go away soon.

A 62 year old female reports:  I am due for my 2nd dose in June 2017 but I am going to refuse it. I know my provider will be unhappy but to me the side effects out weigh any benefit this drug could provide. The bone and muscle pain is off the chart. 

Here is the real evil in this.

Men rarely get osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is an evil disease that God inflicted upon Caucasian and Asian women. God has other tortures for innocent Negro women such as sickle cell anemia. God is an equal opportunity sadist. 

The reason women get osteoporosis and the reason men don't has to do with testosterone. If a woman is given a tiny amount of testosterone she will not get osteoporosis and may reverse osteoporosis in both women and men.

Testosterone increases bone mineral density in female-to-male ... - NCBI

So why doesn't the Medical Mafia prescribe testosterone to prevent and cure osteoporosis in women?

The medical mafia knows that not only will testosterone prevent and cure osteoporosis in women it will also prevent cervical, uterine, breast and ovarian cancer. I addition to that it decreases depression and anxiety in women and at low doses it will not masculinize them but it will increase their libido. Knowing this the Medical Mafia and junior members the White Coat Mafia aka doctor see testosterone therapy causing a huge decrease in revenues. Doctors and their masters hate the idea of prevention and cures with a passion. 

Here is what I think should be done to solve the problem of criminal medical care. 

Image result for pillory 

This device is known a pillory. Back when justice mattered wrongdoers were placed in pillories as a punishment and as an example to other not to act like a fucking asshole. I think that the middle management criminals for big pharma should be placed in pillories and spat upon shit and pissed upon and whipped. 

The CEOs and other upper management at these criminal corporations along with the boards of directors should be placed in a pillory, publicly tortured for a few weeks and then burned to death with a flamethrower. 

Related image


Amgen Inc. Pleads Guilty to Federal Charge in Brooklyn, NY.;Pays ...

Amgen did no commit criminal acts, the high-level whores and executives who work at and own stock in Amgen committed criminal acts and they are the ones who should be brought to justice. Some would the think justice for them would be the death penalty or some other form of cruel and inhuman punishment but I don't but I am not one to force my morality onto others. I think criminal fines paid by corporations which really end up being paid by innocent workers, patients, and insurance companies is a fair punishment for murderous the acts of corporate gangsters. You may disagree. So if your beloved mother or grandmother dies in agony as a result of these poisons, resist the urge to seek some form of do it yourself style justice even if you know it would save millions of other moms and grannies from a similar fate because doing so would be wrong. 

Just give these poor misguided filthy rich crooks a call or visit them and reason with them and help them come to Jesus and accept him as your Lord and savior. 

This sweetheart of a guy is Robert Bradway CEO of Amgen. This poor man has to make ends meet on a salary of only $16,097,714 per year. Because he is so poorly paid most of his living expenses are paid for him by Amgen

Image result for amgen ceo robert bradway home address

Because Mr Bradway is so poorly paid he had to break the law and defraud Medicare, Medicaid and insurance companies. $16,097,714 per year is a starvation wage for a corporate CEO like Robert Bradway. So what that his corporate jet can fly him to all the Republican child prostitution place in the world for free with his buddy Donald Trump, $16,097,714 a year is an insult to anyone with an MBA. He didn't even get arrested but justice was done. He has to live with his guilt.

One Amgen Center Drive. Thousand Oaks, CA. 91320-1799. Phone: +1 805-447-1000.

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