Monday, March 27, 2017

Oh Donny Boy

Oh Donny Boy Sung to the tune of Danny Boy 

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Oh, Donny boy, the people they are calling
From state to state, nation and worldwide.
Election's done, and your support is falling,
 And you must go while rest of us must bide.

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But come ye back from your tower up in New York,
So arrogant and acting like a dork,
CIA is waiting like a shadow,
Oh Donny boy, Oh Donny Boy, they hate you so!

Image result for Putin poison

And when they come, of cancer you'll be dying,
And you'll be dead, like Putin's enemies,
And we will find the place where you are lying,
And we will squat and take a shit and piss on thee.

Image result for donald trump grave

And you will hear us treading up above you,
And your grave shall wet and stinking be,
With shit and piss for all the world to smell you,
And you will burn in hell for all eternity!

Image result for donald trump on his deathbed

Spreading lies is a classic authoritarian power move. Don't let Trump ...

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