Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Airlines: Let's Start With Delta Airlines

As you all know, the thugs at United Airlines along with the Chicago PD's finest brutalized Dr. David Dao by breaking his nose, knocking out his front teeth, battering his body and giving him a brain concussion. Dr. Dao is still in the hospital.

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Edward Bastian CEO at Delta Airlines

A day ago Delta got in on the fuck with a passenger thing. The thugs at Delta tossed passenger Kima Hamilton from a Delta flight. Hamilton's crime was using the toilet. It started like this. Delta fucked up and there was a long delay as the full plane waited on the tarmac. Hamilton had asked the bitch flight attendant if he could use the restroom and the bitch cunt slut needs to die of breast cancer told him he could not. Another 30 minutes passed and Hamilton was about to piss his pants so he got up and used the toilet. The cunt flight attendant saw him and like the cancer deserving Delta trained cunt that she was alerted security and they were all too happy to fuck with Hamilton and throw him off the plane simply for using the restroom. Read: Why the Criminal Thugs at Delta Airlines Threw Kima Hamilton From The Plane

We are all outraged at the scandalous behavior of corporate gangsters. The problem outrage and righteous indignation is bullshit but Action isn't. It is high time for patriots to put the corporate gangsters on notice and put an end to their fuckery. It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword but that may be bullshit too but that is all most of us have to fight these corporate kleptocrats. In lieu of a military coup or a few rogue special forces patriots in Robespierre fashion ridding America of those corporate scum fucks, the power of the non-profit independent press and the journalist warrior is all we have.

Compensation Information for Edward H. Bastian , President of DELTA ...

I took the time to write the following letter to Edward Bastian CEO of Delta Airlines and I would encourage you all to do the same. His contact information is at the end of this news article. Delta is just as bad as United. Here is the email for the CEO of Delta Let this overpaid corporate gangster know what you think of his criminal airline.

Hey There Eddie,

Americans, the patriotic ones, are getting fed up with corporate kleptocrats. I am writing to you on the off chance that there is any humanity left in you after living in the corporate cesspool that is now America. Your treatment of Kima Hamilton was just another example of how you corporate criminal elites think you can by proxy assert your fascism onto normal decent people. You owe Kima an apology and some serious money for what your hired thugs did to him.

The time has come for real reform and it starts with your blackened souls. I can't say for certain that there is eternal damnation but when I observe the actions of the corporate criminal elite I hope there is. Since you are most likely a weasel like everyone else in your boardroom I would suggest that you along with them do the weasel thing and consider Pascal's wager and act accordingly just in case there is a just god and an afterlife.

In the meantime, I will use my talents and position as an independent journalist to remind and inform the public about how the American plutocracy has morphed into the kleptocracy that is is now and

What I would like to see you and your vile industry do is.

Push for and finance high-speed rail.

Free college for the poor and middle class.

Single payer universal health care

New rules for corporations so that wrongdoers who commit criminal acts at the direction of corporate gangsters face criminal charges.

As an independent journalist and human rights advocate I am asking you and your cronies to learn something of morality and the American way and end you vulgar and greedy fuckery.

I will be asking my readers to contact you directly to express their displeasure with Delta the airline industry. I will encourage the 1000's of people in my circles to spread the truth about your industry, the truth corporate media won't tell. I will also point out to my readers, followers, and circles; sites like be

Fly or Drive Calculator™ - BeFrugal

where I just found out that a round trip on Delta from my location to Philadelphia would cost over $900 with all the add-ons and with all the other bullshit layovers and delays it would take a minimum of 8 hours. Driving would take 9 hours and cost under $200 including tolls and a hotel and nobody would fuck with me.

Normally, when I am dealing with wrongdoers I appeal to their humanity but since you corporate gangsters have no humanity, I will appeal to your insatiable greed. What I have to report will damage your bottom line.

Delta is just as bad as United. Here is the email for the CEO of Delta Let this overpaid corporate gangster know what you think of his criminal airline.

If you prefer contact Delta's president by phone, dial (404) 715-2600

The mailing address for letters is Delta Air Lines Inc., P.O. Box 20706, Atlanta, GA 30320.

A Delta customer service employee may direct your call to an executive who can put you directly in touch with Mr. Bastian. Dial (404) 773-0305 -- Customer Care is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET.

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