Thursday, August 10, 2017

An Open Letter To DNC Chairman Tom Perez

Honor in the Klingon Sense... Honor and more Honor Wins Hearts and Minds

There are some people who are just no damn good and Trump supporters fall into that category and here is how I got there. Most of them are birthers and while they are not the sharpest cheddar they are smart enough to know that even if Obama were born in Kenya it would not have mattered constitutionally because his mother was an American, Knowing that, they pushed the lie,

Ross Perot said of Bill Clinton, "If your wife can't trust you, I can't trust you."  Perot had a point. The first time around I voted for Ross Perot but when I saw that Clinton was an effective president I voted for him the second time.

People blame Hitler for the holocaust when it was Germans who were responsible for the holocaust and more specifically the millions of Germans who were Nazis.. I liken Trump supporters to Nazis. That said, If I were running for congress in a red district I would attack the Nazis/Trumproids/False Christians. I would tell them that I don't want their votes and when I am elected I would not represent them. That would fire up the non CON base.

I would insult the alt-right at every turn. I would keep them in fear. I would be hardcore 2nd Amendment and encourage liberals to arm themselves and  stop whining about the alt-right bullies. I'm a native New Yorker and I don't take shit from punks and bullies.

Democrats Need to Take Off the Gloves and Go for the Jugular 

Chuck Todd asked you if you would include people in the party who drove pick-up trucks with a rifle rack and the confederate swastika and you blew it. You should have said, "The Democratic party represents hard working men and women, we respects the rights of hunters because hunting is good for the environment. That said, anyone who flies the Confederate swastika is a traitor and a racist whether they know it or not."

During the Republican primary debate all the half-way decent Republicans weaseled out and acted like pussies when Trump dissed them. Had Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich or Jeb Bush stepped across the stage and knocked the shit out of Trump the bully Trump would not have gotten the nomination.

Learn about red and blue pills. We are told that if you ignore bullies they will eventually leave you alone. That is bullshit. Bullies only ramp it up when they are ignored and if you act like a victim it only emboldens them. Ted Cruz would not even defend his own wife after Trump trashed her. Had Trump talked that shit about my wife, daughter or mother, I would have put him in a coma.

Now the trash on the right is attacking Malia Obama. Trump's National Enquirer is saying she's a druggie. If that were my daughter and I were President Obama I would walk into the headquarters with the secret service in tow and I would find the weasel involved and I would beat the shit out of him with a baseball bat..

Good people respect honor and they respect those who defend honor. Bad people only respond to fear and money. Trump supporter are exactly what Hillary said they were... DEPLORABLE! She should have doubled down.

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