Monday, August 7, 2017

Duncan Donuts Proves NYPD ARE Sleazy Bastards

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Dear Duncan Brands, 

First off, I like your coffee. I prefer it to Starbucks which I also like but Duncan's coffee is smoother and tastes better with or without cream or sugar.

The butt hurt baby men at the disgraceful criminal NYPD are butt hurt because they didn't get their donuts as soon as they thought they should and then they lied about an employee. Their crooked union seems to be extorting Duncan brands because of one possibly bad employee. In their knee jerk reaction these asshole are calling for the boycott of all the DD franchisees. This shows what horrible judgment today's cops use. 

The fact remains that America is suffering from an epidemic of bad cops who are violating rights and brutalizing our citizens but in spite of that most citizen figure most cops are good and that there are just a few bad ones. Well, I have never had a bad experience at a Duncan Donuts store and if I had a bad experience I would not hold it against all Duncan Donut stores. I would handle it in a mature way and speak politely with the manager. This is what adults do. 

I have never had a bad experience with Duncan Donuts and I think that 99.999% of people would say the same thing but I don't think that percentage of people could say the same thing about American police. 

There is not a Duncan store near where I live (nearest is 5 - 6 miles) but tomorrow I will be going out of my way for a donut and a large cup of your coffee to show my support. Don't apologize to punks, weasels and bullies. 

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Dear NYPD, 

GROW UP because you are making it harder for good cops.

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Dear Good Cops (If there are any), 

Arrest the bad ones!

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Dear Government, 

End the police state!

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