Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Weasels At Reverb.com

 After watching this video you will probably not want to ever do business with the weasels and fraudsters at Reverb.com. Those fuckers at Reverb.com could have done the right and ethical thing but you can tell that the weasel on the phone was taking delight in fucking with the buyer who got ripped off. I did some research on who owns Reverb.com but because they are a criminally oriented business the owner has remained anonymous. Here is the info I found on Reverb.com

 REGISTRANT CONTACT Name:PERFECT PRIVACY, LLC Street:12808 Gran Bay Parkway West City:Jacksonville State:FL Postal Code:32258 Country:US Phone:+1.5707088780 Email:email@networksolutionsprivateregistration.com

They say that money talks and bullshit walks and that is how it is with sleazy bastards. All a sleazy bastard understands is fear and money. You see if Will from Will's guitar had been there in person instead of on the phone with that weasel Chris, Chris would have done the right thing and bent the rules but Chris at Reverb.com is a weasel and weasels get very compliant when the think somebody is going to beat the shit out of them. I have done it will mechanics, used car salesmen and a nasty little fuck wad at Best Buy.

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