Thursday, August 10, 2017

Senator Ron Johnson Is a Sleazy Bastard

John McCain is no angel but he does love America and he is a true war hero. McCain voted against Trumpcare because he know it means death and suffering for millions of Americans. McCain has one foot in the grave and he is making up for his past sins and lies by doing the righteous thing, Senator Ron Johnson is an alt-right neoCON corporate owned Republican and therefore a sleazy bastard whereas McCain married money so he is owing to nobody. 

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like most of a today's Republicans Ron Johnson is a veteran hating chicken hawk and he hates American hero John McCain with a passion. His comment that John McCain's judgment is impaired by a tumor near his eye socket is what a sleazy veteran hating chicken hawk would say. Johnson's alt-right bots have wished agonizing death on John McCain for his courage, principles, and patriotism. 

Ron Johnson is a CRIMINAL

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