Friday, August 11, 2017

Denounce Trump

The 2016 election had to be the most brazen attempt at election tampering in our history. We now have an opportunity to block hacking in our elections and promote and protect the vote with the Vote by Mail Act! 

Sign now to denounce Russia’s tampering with our elections and to take measures to protect the American vote! 


President Trump’s phoney bologna voting commission is just another sleazy attempt to suppress the vote. And he won’t stop there! That’s why now more than ever we need to solidify and protect fair and equal access to the ballot. The Vote by Mail Act will empower voters, giving them more time to confirm their registration, more time with their ballot in the comfort of their own home, and more security from hacking. 

We must do everything we can to pass the Vote by Mail Act and protect the right to vote!


This is urgent. At a time when Trump and his cronies are attempting to place more barriers in front of voters, we need to act now. 

Add your name today to increase voters’ access to the ballot.


Keep fighting, 
Candelaria Vargas, Daily Kos

Daily Kos, PO Box 70036, Oakland, CA, 94612.

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