Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sleazy Bastard and Medical Fraudster Philip Esformes Gets Busted

Florida is the epicenter for medical fraud and why wouldn't be in a state that elected super star medical fraudster Slick Rick Scott for their Governor and BTW, fuck you Florida you suck!

Philip Esformes a filthy rich member of America's medical Mafia bribed low paid Florida health care administrator Bertha Blanco. She and Esformes were linked in a long-running $1 billion Medicare ripoff. Keep in mind, Rick Scott's butt buddy Esformes scammed $10 million in just one year while the criminal scumbag state of Florida payed Bertha Blanco $31,281 a year overseeing inspections of the very same kinds of assisted care facilities Esformes owns in Miami-Dade. 

Sleazy Bastard and Medical Fraudster Philip Esformes. Wouldn't you love to knock that cheesy grin off his face with an aluminum baseball bat dipped in dog shit and then douse him is gasoline?
From the Miami Herald:  "Blanco, according to a new criminal case filed against her, was a small cog in the complicated operation, supplying confidential information on patient complaints and unannounced state inspections at Esformes’ facilities.

That inside information helped keep the Medicare tap flowing, according to court records. Esformes would use the information sold by Blanco — the first state AHCA employee ever to be charged with accepting bribes — to “address deficiencies” before state inspectors showed up at his facilities, a Health and Human Services criminal affidavit says. As a result, Esformes avoided the revocation of his licenses and continued to bill Medicare for questionable patient services.
Esformes relied on two trusted business associates — brothers Gabriel and Guillermo Delgado — to obtain the valuable state information, by paying $200 cash for each patient complaint and $3,000 cash for each unannounced inspection schedule over the span of five years. Gabriel Delgado then “personally provided these documents to Philip Esformes,” according to the criminal affidavit.
Two people acted as intermediaries for the Delgados: Isabel Lopez, who also owned several assisted-living facilities, and her son, Gustavo Mustelier. They kept a cut of the cash bribes while delivering the rest to Blanco to obtain patient and inspection records. According to statements filed with their plea deals, they delivered payoffs to the state administrator for the confidential information on two Miami-Dade facilities owned by Esformes: The Nursing Center at Mercy and Fair Havens Center.
Lopez and her son admitted they paid off Blanco for inside information on Lopez’s assisted-living facilities and on those belonging to at least five ALF owners, including Esformes.
At her end, Blanco either provided the confidential documents or called and texted the sensitive information, according to the criminal affidavit. She sometimes made the exchanges at a McDonald’s in Doral, or enlisted her son to make the deliveries."

This clearly indicates that Esformes and his thugs working at his facilities were abusing patients. Also, notice all the Cuban names. When our vile and vulgar president Trump said Mexico wasn't sending it's best people and that Mexico was sending criminals Trump lied but it is true that the Cubans that Castro sent to Miami really were mostly criminals. 

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  1. For everyone of these fuckers who get caught, 100 get away with billions.